How to build an aluminum pergola

Comment monter une pergola en alu

How to attach a pergola to the wall?

Mark the pendulum on the ground. Place a straight, even metal ruler perpendicular to the wall. From the vertical line, draw the first mark along the wall 1.20 meters towards the inside of the pergola. Adjust the ruler as directly as possible.

Where to install a pergola?

Just make sure the construction is protected from strong winds. Also avoid a sunnier location like facing south and west. This is important to optimize your comfort and the life of your structure.

Which pergola screw?

Length of round head countersunk screw Round head countersunk screw: the length is considered from the top of the tapered part, and the round part is not included. The screw plays a very important role in the structure of the pergola because it facilitates your work and ensures a good assembly of the elements.

How to attach a wooden beam to the wall?

The wall beam must be fixed to the walls of the house. A bituminous film is inserted between the wall and the beam to prevent moisture from migrating into the wood. We can take the opportunity to put the bitumen film back on top of the beam.

Which wood post screw?

Wood Lag Screws This type of lag screw, also called a hex head screw, is used to join two pieces of wood intended to hold heavy loads. These lag screws are mostly stainless steel, but some models are zinc.

How to cover a wooden pergola?

A simple and elegant way to cover a wooden pergola is to attach a stretched canvas.

How to fix a pergola on the terrace?

Place a pergola on the terrace Start by determining the location of the pillars on the ground by marking the position of the holes in the pencil, then drill with a hammer. Then screw the boards to the floor and assemble the frame carefully following the installation instructions.

How to attach an arbor to concrete?

To fix the mast, you will need to equip the bars with rods, which will be cut so that the rods are 12.5 cm. The diameter of the bar must be adjusted to the diameter of the holes made in the base of each column. A diameter of at least 8 mm will generally be used.

How to repair a pit in the ground?

Wedge anchoring is recommended for unstable ground. Determine the location of the shims. Dig holes about 50 cm deep. Fill the bottom with gravel and place your feet.

How to hold a trampoline?

Press the U-shaped wind pins on the trampoline legs for quick attachment or drive the worm-shaped anchors into the ground just below the frame.

How to fix a canvas on a wooden pergola?

Stretched textiles

  • Bias eye.
  • Suspension loop fixed in a wooden beam.
  • The attachment points are welded to the wrought iron beam
  • The elastic cord simply wraps around the structure.
  • The fixing of the cover is completed by straps fixed to the brackets.
  • The bungee cords are wrapped around the poles.

How to make a stand for a recess?

Sandbags Adding sandbags filled with sand can quickly increase the stability of the gazebo. The ballast weights allow the legs of the gazebo to ballast while keeping the cover on the ground (cf.

What kind of pergola floor?

The experts at Le Vérandier offer five main types of floors for pergola: tiles, natural parquet, parquet, stone tiles and slabs.

How to make your own pergola?

Fix the pillars in the concrete

  • Prepare the mortar mix using dry ready-mixed concrete, half a bucket of water and mix well.
  • Put a post in each hole. …
  • The pillars should extend 180-200 cm above the ground.
  • Let harden for 24 hours.

How to build an awning?

For successful awning production, provide the following materials:

  • Tiles and border tiles.
  • Material including: 80 x 120/80 x 100/60 x 80 mm / 80 x 80 mm horns, 21 x 170 mm edge boards, 100 x 220 mm horn boards.
  • Formwork in pine or slats.
  • Polyurethane adhesive.

How to place canoes on a pergola?

4 Attach the cartridges See step. First unroll the rail strip on the side opposite the rear wall. Leave 5 cm overhang from the edge of the frame, then secure with plasticized wire. Then unroll the second strip of cans that cover the previous one by about 15 cm at the joint.

Which section for Pergola?

With a 150 x 50 mm larch beam, 4 pillars are required to install the pergola. The length of the pillar used is variable, depending on the height of each wall.

How to calculate the size of a wooden post?

For the calculation of purlines and columns, it is necessary to take into account the load coming from the structure + the dead weight of the horns + the dead weight of the purlines in order to obtain a permanent load for the calculation of the cross section of the purlines, For example.

How to connect 2 pieces of rafters?

The chevron is equipped with a notch perpendicular to the plate. It is then attached to a screw or point on this plate. Insert 2 screws at 45° on 2 surfaces of each raft so that they cross the raft and screw it into the batten. The length of the screws must therefore be sufficient.

What type of wood for an outdoor pergola?

Resistance: different types of wood for pergolas

  • Oak, known for its robustness, resists time!
  • an autoclaved pine will give you quality of life.
  • cedar for more privacy and a pleasant fragrance.
  • exotic forests like teak.
  • Bamboo has become fashionable, opt for exoticism in your garden.

How to repair a pergola without drilling?

Fixing the gazebo to the ground without drilling: concrete plinths This is the most popular solution when it is really impossible to drill the ground of your terrace to fix the feet of your gazebo.

How to dismantle a pergola?

Dismantling the pergola cover

  • Remove the straps.
  • Find the parentheses.
  • Measure the distance between the hook holes.
  • Mark the same spaces on the PVC pipe.
  • Drill to the same diameter as the hooks.
  • Remove the tarp.
  • If your pergola is uniform (without rounding), leave the canvas on the pergola.

How to attach a tarp to a pergola?

There are also two different methods on a wooden pergola. The first solution is to provide a drain for the tarp so that the tarp can be fixed directly to the wooden structure using large cap screws and washers wider than the eyelets.

How to make a roof outlet?

To cover the pergola, you can: opt for a green roof. choose blinds that you can order to measure …. Our 4 tips for covering pergolas

  • Opt for a green roof for your pergola. …
  • Roller blinds for the roof of your pergola. …
  • Opt for the Azur pergola with a retractable roof.

How to clean a pergola canvas?

In order to maintain the shade cloth, it should be washed regularly. To do this, you need to take it apart, then put it on a surface where it is unlikely to be damaged. Rub the cloth to remove dirt, then wash in soapy water with a sponge or brush.

How to install a shade sail?

To install a tent for garden sails, it is very important to place a corner at a lower height than the others to allow a good flow of rainwater. It is advisable to plan its positioning with a slope of 30 degrees.

How to tie a barnum to the ground?

How to repair a gazebo on the ground?

  • Make sure you have all the elements necessary for the installation (thresholds, posts, ground anchors, etc.)
  • Register them according to the assembly procedure.
  • Secure the posts by anchoring them to the ground.
  • Drill, tighten and screw the brackets.
  • Then move on to amounts. Put them in a tube.

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