Why opt for an automatic irrigation system?

Pourquoi opter pour un système d'arrosage automatique ?

Automatic watering is a water supply system that allows you to have perfect control of water consumption through submersible pumps for wells or boreholes. It is a solution that offers real time savings and practicality for even watering of your garden. This automatic watering system saves you the hassle of the traditional method of watering, which reduces the workload.

Automatic watering systems also help you detect the needs of the soil in order to save water. Indeed, they will be triggered only when it is necessary to water your garden or your plants for example, which makes it possible to avoid over-watering, but also not to consume too much water, which is very important to both for the environment, but also for your wallet. Now, use e-pumps to proceed with the installation of your automatic irrigation system.

The operation of borehole and well pumps

If you want to raise water present in a narrow borehole, the submersible pump is clearly the best tool. Its applications are numerous, since it can be used both with irrigation systems and at the purely agricultural level. In order to choose the pump that is right for you, you will need to know your pressure and flow requirements beforehand. When it comes to depth, these submersible pumps are used even for the deepest boreholes.

As for well installations, this system is ideal in the process of raising water. These are indeed waterproof devices that are very easy to use, which further promotes deep wells. In addition, the maintenance of submersible pumps is really minimal since they are continuously submerged in water. Once the water has been recovered, you will be able to automatically water your garden, all effortlessly and at a lower cost.

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Use a submersible pump for rainwater harvesting

Pumps for wells and boreholes are not only used to raise water that is part of a more or less deep source. Indeed, you can use these devices to recycle rainwater in rather shallow depths through buried tanks or directly water collectors. In addition to keeping these reusable liquids, you will be able to store them with peace of mind so that you can use them whenever you want.

You can then use this rainwater to make an automatic watering system for your plants, for example. The objective of using a submersible pump is therefore mainly to avoid the use of the collective drinking water network while maintaining perfect management of the flow sent, most often by means of a suction pipe.