Les étapes faciles pour réaliser un nuage de conifère unique et magnifique

Video les meilleures manieres de tailler un conifere en nuage

Size conifer trees for maintenance and safety is one of the most important tasks that must be done to ensure that the trees remain healthy and safe. Conifers are special because their growth is different and their shape varies a lot. The main reason knowing how to prune evergreens is so important is that they won’t grow back properly if you don’t know the right way to do it.

The cloud-trimmed conifer is a very popular and beautiful design that doesn’t require much effort to pull off. Conifers in cloud are pruned in rounded and soft shapes, which emphasizes their natural growth and gives them a unique and very special look. The good news is that with a few simple steps, you could easily prune and shape them into a cloud yourself.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to prune a conifer by cloud, of the tools needed and the steps to follow. We will give tips and tricks to have a perfect and well-cut cloud. In addition, we will examine, in depth, brands popular and explain why it is important to have the good tools for pruning a conifer.

The tools

First, you need to have the tools you need to prune your evergreens. If your tree is young and very small, you will probably need hedge trimmers to trim it. If you have taller trees, you may need a flat saw and a lopper to rid it of excess branches.

Below we have listed the tools that we consider necessary to prune a cloud conifer professionally and safely:

    • A cut and abrasion resistant glove

  • A pair of scissors with a special shape and good quality

  • A handsaw

  • A pruning saw or handsaw with a thin blade

  • A broom to clean cut branches

  • Additional lighting if needed

To help you find the right tools for your size and cut, we’ve put together a list of the best evergreen pruning tools that we consider to be the most reliable and practical for prune your cloud-shaped trees:

Approximate price

Brand name
Black & Decker

No matter which tool you choose, consider quality and reliability, as these tools are essential to properly pruning your cloud conifer. Also think about safety and the proper use of each tool.

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Indeed, by closing themselves completely to the outside at the level of commerce, the Japanese had no other choice but to become passionate about certain subjects, such as the flourishing arts. With the niwaki, the Japanese have quickly developed an art that not only shows clouds, but also all kinds of elements such as snow, wind, trees, and many other things. Some gardeners claim that by using this technique, it can give the tree the feeling that it has aged well, and wears it down with the art of Niwaki. Once again, we realize that all the symbolism around this Japanese art has really not been left to chance, which will not displease the greatest Niwaki fans who were wondering…

Steps to Follow to Prune a Cloud Conifer

After you have found the right tools to prune your evergreen, you should move on to the most important phase – pruning the tree itself. Here are some steps to follow to effectively prune your cloud-shaped conifer:

1. Plan the size before performing it

This is the first step to successful pruning. You need to start by planning the form and the outline of the future form of conifer that you would like to obtain. Once you have a clear idea of ​​what you need to do, start cutting the longest and most decorative branches to give your conifer its final shape.

2. Draw the shape

Then you need to draw the idea that you came up with. Take into account the height and some width of the tree and the area that is already pruned. Once you have a clear outline of what you want, you can start cutting.

3. Get rid of broken and misshapen branches

It’s important to make sure the branches you cut are the size you want, as this will help the tree grow evenly and healthily. Branches that are too long or poorly formed should not be kept as they may cause your tree to develop poorly.

4. Shape the final shape of the conifer

Once you’ve removed any unwanted branches, you should be able to clearly see the shape you want your evergreen tree to be. You can then shape and adjust the final touches to achieve the perfect shape.

5. Secure the pruned conifer

After you finish pruning and shaping the conifer, you need to secure the pruned tree. You should check that all branches are tightly tied and tied to the base of the trunk to prevent them from shifting and banging together during strong winds or storms.

Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Now that you know the steps to prune your cloud-shaped conifer, here are some tips and advice to help you get the best possible shape for your tree:

    • Cut gently – rather than cutting branches all at once, cut gently to avoid cutting too deeply.

  • Use the correct cutting length – it is important not to cut the branches too deep or too short, as this could damage your tree.

  • Use the right material – you will need the right saws and edgers to get the final shape you want.

  • Clean carefully – after pruning, clean the tree and its surroundings to remove fallen branches.

  • Check the knots – some knots can be difficult to cut. In this case, it is advisable to cut them gently to avoid breaking them.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can easily prune your cloud-shaped evergreens safely and achieve the perfect look for your garden or yard.



Pruning conifers is a complex and meticulous task. The cloud shape is very popular and helps to showcase the natural growth and appearance of evergreens. Trimming a cloud-shaped evergreen involves finding the right tools, planning the shape of the evergreen, trimming misshapen branches, and tying the branches to the base. By following these steps, you will be able to prune your cloud-shaped evergreens safely and professionally.