VIDEO: The best ways to burn white sage

VIDEO : Les meilleures façons de bruler sauge blanche

White sage is a natural incense used by Indians especially during purification rituals. Today, it is used to purify a place or a yoga room. It is said that the negative energies escape with smoke and that this fumigation purifies the place.

How to clean your house with white sage?

  • Provide a very heat-resistant container on which you will place it.
  • Light the stick. …
  • Blow smoke into every corner of every room in the house until you return to where you started. …
  • Everything is in order!

To use the white sage fumigation sticks, simply light the end of the stick, wait for the flame to take a bit, turn it off, and then let the smoke settle. To clean the place, you just have to go to the rooms of your choice by letting the smoke spread well.

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Where to buy quality white sage?

In order to carry out your fumigations with white sage in the best conditions, it is essential to use a quality product. In this way, its effects on migraine, anxiety or even stress will be optimal. So where can you buy this beneficial medicinal plant safely?

To buy some white sage of quality with complete peace of mind, choose an online store specializing in the sale of this product. This is the case of Sauge Lyofal, an expert herbalist in products based on white sage.

Thus, you can order different ready-to-use white sage sticks on this site to purify the air in your home and to benefit from its therapeutic properties. Associated with other plants known, too, for their benefits, you will then benefit from the positive effects of these two plants.

Eucalyptus to free your airways, chamomile to relax or even lavender to relieve your stress, are all beneficial combinations offered by Sauge Lyofal.

All the products present on this online store are grown by Native Americans, and this, with respect for the quality of the product. You will thus make your purchase with complete peace of mind.

Why put sage in the house?

To purify the air in the house. For example, prairie sage (Artemisia ludoviciana) has both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties (Study 1, 2). As for white sage (Salvia apiana), it is antimicrobial. It also has insect repellent properties (3).

When to burn sage?

When to burn sage?

Whenever you feel you need it. But even before a yoga or meditation session to prepare the space and stimulate you mentally. Additionally, you can burn sage the day you take out the trash.

The fumigation of white sage incense is essentially an act of purification. During what is called the “smoke ceremony” we will burn the white sage leaves or incense stick and fertilize our body, the room we are in, our mind with our smoke.

Open all the windows in your house. Light the end of a sage stick (like an incense stick) with a match or lighter. You have to let it burn a little and then blow on it to thicken the smoke.

How to make a sage fumigation stick?

Make your own fumigation stick by stacking the plants in layers: place the nicest ones inside (lavender, thyme…) and the biggest ones (sage leaves) outside. Tie a small knot at the bottom of the stick with kitchen twine, then wrap it tightly around the plants, all the way to the top of the stick.

Which thread for the fumigation rod?

In order for his fumigation to stick, you will need a natural ribbon, such as cotton or linen, and go picking, which will allow you to be in communion with our Mother Earth.

Video: VIDEO: The best ways to burn white sage

Why burn sage in the house?

For many people, this is definitely the best of white sage benefits. Indeed, used in incense, sage sticks give off a sweet and natural fragrance. Therefore, burning sage in your home is a simple and effective way to deodorize and eliminate bad smells.

What are the side effects of sage?

At the recommended dose, side effects of sage are rare (nausea and vomiting). In case of overdose (more than 15 g of dried leaves), hot flushes, rapid heartbeat, dizziness and convulsions occur.

Does sage lower blood pressure?

This easy to find herb is one of the best herbs for high blood pressure.

Pregnant women and people with hypertension should not consume sage. Avoid taking sage for too long, as blood pressure may increase. … Pay particular attention to the essential oil of sage which is very toxic.

How to clean the house before moving in?

To clean your house or apartment before moving in, just air the interior and light, for example, Armenian paper. You can also put cinnamon sticks or sachets of lavender in your cupboards to smell the contents.