VIDEO: Practical tips for laying out my garden

VIDEO : Les astuces pratiques pour aménager mon jardin

To give relief to your garden, play with the seasonality of the plants, their shape, their height and their color. The impressive plants should rather be placed at the bottom of the garden and the small ones in front. Create flower beds by matching plants by color and size.

How to redo your garden at a lower cost?

How to redo your garden at a lower cost?

11 landscaping ideas to beautify your exterior for less

  • Define the space in the yard. …
  • Create an interesting shaped driveway to add character. …
  • Find recycled outdoor furniture. …
  • Create a flower bed with inexpensive flowers. …
  • Make a campfire.

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Jardi Up 3D: the best software to know for designing your garden

Finally, let’s finish with a last particularly well-designed tool, which can help you develop your land efficiently and peacefully: Jardi Up 3D, the software to arrange your garden. This software created by the Media Softs company has been specially designed for this purpose. Unsurprisingly, the result does not disappoint… It must be said that Media Softs is a company that has more than 25 years of experience in the field of software creation in collaboration with landscape professionals.

Concretely, the software is based on the Sketchup Pro system which we were talking about above. To Sketchup have been added a huge library to add contents. In all, these are no less than 10,000 additional models of plants, textures and furniture usable for simulations that are as precise as they are fluid. In addition to this, the creation of volumes and reliefs has been simplified.

The software has been designed to be easily used by everyone… But for optimal use and above all to make life easier, you can take advantage of group or individual training on site or by telephone.

How to make a garden plan?

To draw your (future) garden on paper, it’s very simple: First take the dimensions of your garden in meters (length/width), then transfer its dimensions to 1/100, i.e.: 1 m = 1 cm! Easy.

Who should you call to redo your garden?

The landscaper, architect of green spaces The landscaper intervenes both upstream to provide landscape analyses, plans and environmental diagnoses and during the design of your outdoor landscape.

How to modernize your garden?

To transform your garden, nothing like new plants! Buy two or three plants that you want to connect with the plants already in place. For example, choose lavender or santolina to install at the foot of your rosebush, add a Mahonia Sweet Winter to your azalea bed.

What are landscaping works?

Landscaping deals with living things, such as flora or fauna through gardening; natural elements such as landforms, bodies of water, etc. ; and elements of street furniture (lighting, bench, fountain, etc.).

Landscapers who create and landscape outdoor spaces offer packages for year-round garden maintenance. A garden maintenance package includes mowing hedges and flowers, mowing the lawn, picking up debris and pulling weeds.

What budget for a garden?

On average, the price per square meter for the development of a garden is between 25 and 75 euros. The cost of planting a garden, including the supply and installation of plants and amenities, easily exceeds $5,000. The choice of different layouts (pasture, path, terrace, etc.)

How much does a landscaper cost?

Average hourly rate for a landscaper: 35 euros The average rate for a landscaper will be expressed as an hourly rate –35€ per hour. hour on average – or as a package. The flat rate is cheaper: it includes labour, supplies (plants, automatic irrigation system) and overtime.

How to make a pleasant garden?

A swimming pool area, a summer kitchen, garden furniture, a vegetable garden and why not a cocoon area. To decorate it, we think of hanging or climbing plants and trendy flowers that smell good and bring a lot of charm, such as roses, lavender, wisteria or even hydrangeas.

Video: VIDEO: Practical tips for laying out my garden

How to make a garden on Room Planner?

Import a cadastral plan, a photo or draw the different areas of your land. Automatically obtain the dimensions and area of ​​your plot. Add a compass to mark orientation and draw contour lines. Project yourself into your future garden and plant your plot.

How to make a small indoor garden?

Grow your indoor vegetable garden Buy potted plants or sow your own seeds. Use potting soil. Place a thick layer of clay stone or gravel in the bottom of the containers to ensure good drainage. Add fertilizer to your crops regularly.

How to arrange your garden free software?

Google SketchUp, freeware, is the benchmark for 3D garden modeling. Easy to use, very ergonomic, it allows you to design spaces of any style and size and to project shapes, colors and textures onto them. Many templates are also offered to help you.

How to make a garden plan on computer?

With the ArchiFacile online software, you can draw your land, add buildings, paths and place the plants of your choice. You can also import a background image: an aerial photo or a floor plan that will serve as a support for drawing your garden plan to scale.