Useful rabbits to keep the garden in good condition during the winter

Des lapins utiles pour garder le jardin en bon état pendant l’hiver

Like chickens, rabbits are very useful for maintaining a green space. Regardless of the season, these animals can therefore serve you on various levels. Are you wondering how to keep your garden in good condition for the next winter period? Here is how rabbits will be of great help to you.

Reduce garden waste

winter is quite a tough season both for humans and for plants. After having decided to reinforce the insulation of your house by installing, for example, a shutter hinge, you also need to think about your garden. The latter must be well maintained and you will need to regularly rid it of the many debris that may be there.

As in winter, the weather is not very favorable for you to do good composting; you can make other use of waste. For example, cut green plants and uprooted flowers can be used as meals for your rabbits.

Moreover, since the period will not always be favorable for mowing the lawn, consider installing a tarp geotextile to prevent weed growth. By doing this, you will reduce a good part of the green waste and the rest will allow you to feed your rabbits properly.

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Make natural fertilizer

Just like chickens, waste from rabbit farming can be used in the garden. Once you feed your rabbits plants and flowers, expect to collect droppings that can help fertilization.

Your job will therefore be to collect the droppings and store them in a place protected from the cold. A few weeks will suffice for decomposition and you can resort to it for enrich the earth, which will help your plants grow well.

If you are a fan of ecological gardening, this solution would suit you well and all you have to do is get a few rabbits.

Precautions to take

For the good health of the rabbits, you absolutely must take measures. Indeed, these animals are very sensitive; hence the need to protect them. First of all, you must provide some shelter inside the garden. They will be able to take refuge there to protect themselves from the extreme temperatures of the winter period.

In addition, you must keep them away from very fragrant plants such as garlic, snapdragons, etc. You must not forget to keep their environment always clean to prevent them from contracting diseases. Finally, be sure to vaccinate your animals.