Tips on planting flower bulbs

Conseils sur la plantation des bulbes à fleurs

To beautify your garden, you must always use flower bulbs. They can be blooming in spring, summer or fall. These flower species are also suitable for your balcony or terrace… This article will provide you with some tips on planting flower bulbs.

Spring flower bulbs

This species of flowers announces the end of the winter season to bloom during spring. In addition, you can plant them in any place of your choice (garden, center of the lawn…). Come and discover on spring-flowering bulbs that may be of interest to you.

From January, you will find snowdrops, squill and other flowers appearing at this time. Then the crocus will carpet your floor with small flowers. So you will get a variety of colors to decorate your balcony or garden.

The best season to plant spring bulbs is fall. Moreover, the snowdrop is an early bloomer. So, it should be planted in September like botanical tulips. Rest assured, you will see indications on the container of bulbs especially with special requests.

In addition, spring bulbs generally love to be exposed to full sun. Nevertheless, there are species that can adapt to partial shade such as grape hyacinths, some narcissus…

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summer flower bulbs

In summer, your garden will seem more colorful with the set of sturdy flowers also offering a surprising aesthetic. Besides, you will be spoiled for choice with the flower bulbs coming in varieties of colors, shapes, styles, etc. This will first depend on your tastes in terms of the configuration of your outdoor landscape.

What do you think of opting for the dahlia with its generous amount of flowers. In addition, it can live for several months until autumn. For style and colors, you will get satisfaction.

Summer flower bulbs are planted in the spring. Depending on the climate, planting can be done from the end of March until the beginning of June. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the frozen ground despite the exceptions of certain species.

Most summer-flowering bulbs also love the sun’s rays. However, some species such as tuberous begonias make an exception.

Tips for planting flower bulbs

Indeed, it is necessary to start by taking into account the particular needs of each species. Nevertheless, the pre-established principles should be followed.

First of all, respecting the calendar of each species is important. Spring flower bulbs are planted in the fall for an early bloom next spring. Moreover, the climate is essential. In a temperate zone, planting may take longer.

Make a growing mix while avoiding standing water. Moreover, soil drainage is important even if the soil must be cool and moist. In addition, it requires a drained soil of gravel or sand. It is essential to use a well-balanced fund to avoid rotting the bulbs.

It is necessary to position the bulb correctly by pointing it upwards. Regarding the hole, choose a suitable tool having the size of the bulb.