The best Kitchen canopies

Les meilleurs Verriere cuisine

A true indoor awning is made of steel, not aluminum or wood. Beware of low-end counterfeits. Aluminum is a much lighter and softer material than steel. The canopy is therefore much less resistant and sensitive to the slightest influence.

What material for a canopy?

Glass partitions are mainly made of three materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages: steel, aluminum and wood.

Screws and plugs are used to fix the canopy to concrete, reinforced concrete, solid brick or hollow brick. If your support is made of wood, screw directly with the screws provided without using the dowels.

for the vertical sections between each pane: 25 × 25 mm steel tees. for the glass beads (to hold the panes in the frame): L-profiles always in 20 × 20 mm steel. Provide 4 profiles to enclose each square separately, i.e. 2 widths and 2 heights.

Steel roofs and aluminum roofs when powder coated don’t make much difference. If, on the other hand, you want to create a Scandinavian style, you need a wooden canopy. Wood is a much cheaper material.

There are models of canopies to be installed at a height of 85 centimeters from the ground. This height is particularly suitable in bedrooms, to separate the dressing room or the bathroom. To decorate a food, the two most classic heights are 95 and 105 centimeters.

Bottom of the canopy This height will vary depending on the location: we will suggest a height of 95 cm to pass above the worktops in a food, while 85 cm will be enough to separate the rooms.

The role of an interior partition The interior partition should not be confused with load-bearing walls: The partition is often thin, with a thickness generally varying between 5 and 10 cm, and is not part of the structure of the building.

Just count the thickness of two BA13 plasterboards, which measure 13 mm and the rail, which measures 48 mm. Accordingly, a conventional partition has a thickness of 74 mm. This standard thickness is sufficient to make simple partitions in the house.

As you will have understood, it is now necessary to mount the vertical barges to create the frames that will draw your interior canopy. You will need: 4 blocks of 114.6 x 4.4 x 2.7 cm. 8 wood screws (at least 4 cm long)

For an awning, leave 1 cm more in height and width and place the opening between 0.90 m and 1.10 m from the ground. If you are making a serving hatch, the ideal location for the opening is 1.20 m from the ground (dimensions: height 40 cm, width 50 cm minimum). Make the same outline on the other side of the wall.

Tighten the glass ball screws (short) into the frame threaded holes at the top and bottom. Stick the glue joint around each portrait: 1 Place and stick the sticky joint at one end of the portrait. Gradually glue the seal and gradually remove the cover (YELLOW).

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Where to buy a kitchen canopy?

Different brands such as Lapeyre or Leroy Merlin have been offering interior skylights at competitive prices for several years. Leroy Merlin, for example, offers an aluminum canopy in a set at 225.20 euros against 299 euros at Lapeyre.

Where can I find cheap awnings?

  • Castorama. Cheap Canopy Castorama. An unbeatable quality/price ratio for this interior canopy at only €99 at Castorama! …
  • Lapeyre. Cheap Lapeyre glass roof. You will find this black workshop roof on Lapeyre. …
  • Leroy Merlin. Cheap glass roof Leroy Merlin.
Canopy type Features
Skylight with a window Adaptable and design
Awning with transom Always more design!
Glass roof with plinth Separation from floor to ceiling
sliding door canopy A completely closed room, no smell.

Verrière Factory is the specialist in interior canopies. You can make your own canopy in a few clicks thanks to the canopy configurator, or ask us for a canopy offer for a custom canopy.

Cut grooves in the thickness of the wooden beams and in the frame so that the panes fit into them. Start by placing a glass on the frame directly against the wall, then screw the first vertical frame. Glue and screw a frame with thin bricks on each side of the glass to secure it.

Interior Glass Styles Supply price only Supply and installation price
Haussmann canopy from 350 to 500 € per month from 470 € to 1350 € per month
modern glass roof from 90 to 220 € per month from 210 to 1070 € per month

Laminated glass is therefore perfect for interior canopies. It is particularly recommended for large bay windows and those that delimit a high space (like a loft). For example, a 33/2 or 44/2 type laminated glass will be selected.

Having become a decorative element in its own right, the canopy adopts the design of your interior and highlights your little one. food. For an industrial and modern style, choose a canopy with metal posts that show off modern materials like stainless steel and dark-colored furniture.

Choosing the right wooden canopy The wood should preferably be solid (oak, douglas…) to offer excellent resistance over time.

White, like black, is the essential color for canopies. A white awning will be perfect in a cramped interior. In fact, white is a bright color that reflects the sun’s rays. So even when it’s dark, a white awning increases the brightness of the interior.

Use metal rails or wooden blocks to fill the space between the two sheets of plasterboard. Cover the additional elements with a plasterboard to complete your support to the dimensions of the desired opening, make the joint strips on the corners and apply the finishing paint.

What height for a kitchen canopy?

For living rooms like the living room, it is better to choose a canopy with a 1 m high bottom, made of metal or masonry. However, it is recommended to raise the plinth 20 or 25 cm above the worktop for ceilings of food.

The wall thickness must be at least 45 mm. The height must be measured in at least 3 places. If you find it necessary to measure it in more than 3 places, do so.

The canopy then consists of one or more vertical glass partitions. These awnings can be installed on many supports: counter of food, concrete wall, brick, plaster…

Craftsman price for a bespoke interior canopy A craftsman metalwork locksmith charges more for his services, in the region of €800/m2, but this already includes design, construction and installation. It also allows you to customize your awning endlessly.

For interior awnings, the most commonly used glass is 33/2 laminated glass. It is a glass that consists of two glass plates, and between them a plastic film is glued. It is this film, usually in PVB (polyvinyl butyral), which allows the glass to be fixed.

Use Plexiglas at least four millimeters thick. Thinner plexiglass is not strong enough to serve as a window.

The screws used to attach the canopy frame can be drywall screws if you are screwing directly into the frame’s metal rail, 4mm diameter molly type anchors if you are under vacuum, or PZ screws of 4 mm if you screw in three.

Installing aluminum tape is a winning solution against water infiltration on awnings. For a better seal, it is preferable to refurbish the sealant bottles before any covering of this self-adhesive strip which connects the two panes.

The method of attachment also varies. They can be glued with neoprene or silicone glue, fixed with dowels or screwed with countersunk screws. Next, the bulkhead nosings can be painted or varnished depending on the material they are made of.

Which canopy for a kitchen?

Guarantees you the right purchase, we work with it every day. At Leroy Merlin, find our selection of 166 products at the most affordable price, on a wide choice of brands and references, available in store or delivered quickly to your home.

If you have a food and a Scandinavian living room, the white canopy is the best. It goes very well with wooden furniture, for a clean and bright interior.

Awnings are generally offered in four materials: steel, wrought iron, aluminum and wood for their structures. Depending on the budget, you prefer certain materials such as wood or aluminum.

Leroy Merlin offers you a very nice selection of inexpensive “kit” canopies. The collection is available in 5 different widths and from 2 squares to 6 squares. Prices range from €259.20 to €699.

There food open necessarily opens on the living room or the dining room so that it is visible. Remember to take care of the visual and especially to choose sober and easy to clean coverings. The solution: On the floor, choose classic tiles or the same parquet as the living room or dining room.

If no model suits your room, there are made-to-measure awnings at competitive prices. Ordering a custom-made awning has the advantage of giving free rein to the imagination and having an original interior. It is possible to choose the style, size, material (metal or wood) etc.

Why install a canopy in your interior?

When you want to bring your interior back to life, you may not really know how to achieve your goal. To enhance your kitchen or your living room, you can install a canopy. Indeed, this glass installation will clearly give character to your interior, but that’s not all. If you decide to install a canopy in your kitchen, you can benefit from many advantages. In addition to aesthetics, the canopy will bring light into your kitchen, while creating a separation with the living room. If you wish to have further information, You are in the right place. If you decide to take the plunge and install a canopy in your kitchen, it will allow you to limit the spread of odors, to enjoy your living room serenely. When you have to choose a canopy, you will have to take into account the dimensions for an optimal rendering. For the installation of your canopy, you can call on professionals with real know-how in this field. Depending on your expectations and your desires, you can request a custom canopy.