The 10 best ways to make a garden shed yourself

Les 10 meilleures manieres de faire une cabane de jardin soi meme

Which cladding for a garden shed?

Cedar is excellent for siding and some professionals even use it to get the job done. Larch is quite decorative although it can also be used for landscaping. Other exotic species like Iroko, Teak and others can be used to decorate, build or blend.

What type of disguise for a carport? We recommend, for light protection such as the Carport, our spring cladding in thickness 0.63 mm, for vertical installation: Nerba 10.10.1100B.

What kind of maintenance-free clothes? The best choice for a maintenance-free coating Rock panel panels which require minimal maintenance are made from compressed rock wool fiber, which makes it a natural product that is both strong and light. The panels have a water-based coating.

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How to frame a garden shed?

Preparation of the rafters The rafters are the structural elements on which the weight of the roof is distributed. They are fixed to the purlins, parallel to each other, at a regular distance (center distance) (40 to 60 cm). Arrange the first asparagus in two layers to make cutting easier.

How to make the roof of a garden shed? This project takes place in 6 stages:

  • Step 1: Install Drip Edge.
  • Step 2: Fold the roofing felt over the back.
  • Step 3: Lay out the row of greens from the tee mat.
  • Step 4: Lay out a row of full straps on the starting row.
  • Step 5: Start the second line.

How to install a 1 Pan Frame? Whether it is a 1-sided frame or a 2-sided frame, the materials used are almost the same: 2 half-trusses: one at each end, if the structure is not too bulky. Otherwise, half-trusses must be provided. Rafters at a distance of 35-50 cm from each other depending on the chosen section.

How to build the roof of a cabin? The flat roof is the simplest form of a cabin. Its installation does not require the construction of a frame. It is enough to put locks on which we put the panels.

What area for a garden shed without a building permit?

It is not necessary to apply for a building permit if the garden shed has a floor area of ​​less than or equal to 5 meters. In the case of constructions of 5 to 20 meters, the owner is exempted from this step if the height does not exceed 12 meters.

Can I put a garden shed on the property line? No height limit is set. What is the distance between the refuge and my neighbour? Depending on the PLU, you can build your shelter either on the edge of your land or 3 meters away from time to time.

What surface should be considered for a garden shed? The reference surface of 20 square meters will be increased to 40 square meters for garden boats built in the urban areas of a municipality, which are the subject of a local urban plan (PLU) or a of land use (POS).

Do you need an above-ground pool enclosure to complement your garden shed?

The best way to get new work done in a house is when you’ve just finished some new ones! So, if you were able to spend whole days building your garden shed, we can only encourage you to take the lead and also build the pool enclosure for an above-ground pool that you’ve been waiting for for so long. years… Indeed, just as is the case for a garden shed, it is also quite possible to start work on your own for the manufacture of an above-ground swimming pool enclosure.

For that, there is nothing simpler! By going to this page in particular to find out how to build an above ground pool enclosure, you will be able to better understand how you have to go about it to be sure and certain of the success of your project. Nevertheless, if you realize that it will take you longer than expected, then do not hesitate to take the lead and call on a real professional in the field…

What wood to build a cabin?

There are three species of wood most commonly used for garden sheds in the France abris catalogue: pine, spruce and Douglas fir for wood, all of which are pinaceae species particularly suitable for outdoor installation.

What section of wood for a garden shed? The framework of a wooden garden shed is its structure, which supports the entire weight of the cladding and the roof, the section of the posts must therefore be sufficiently large. Generally it is advisable to start with 9*9, or even 12*12 (depending on the weight supported) for the corner posts.

What type of wood for the exterior? Pine, larch, Douglas fir, western red cedar, chestnut and oak represent a good compromise for exterior siding, even without treatment. White fir and humidity need protection to last over time.

What area is authorized without a building permit?

– The house must be located in an urban area, which is the subject of a Local Urbanism Plan (PLU), otherwise the construction limit goes from 40m² to 20m²; The extension must not bring the total surface to more than 150m².

What garage area without a building permit? If the surface of your garage is greater than 20 m², a building permit is required. If the area of ​​your garage is less than 20 m², a prior work permit is required.

What construction without a building permit? No house can be built without a building permit or a prior work permit. Only garden boats of less than 5 square meters and temporary constructions of less than 15 days benefit from this freedom.