Maintaining your avocado tree well: the best things to do today

Bien entretenir son avocatier : les meilleurs gestes à adopter dès aujourd’hui

You certainly don’t want to plant the avocado tree at home for the beauty of its leaves. Its bright green shades are quite interesting, we grant you that. But, you are surely planting this perennial fruit tree with a hardiness of -7°C to enjoy the avocados whenever you want. For that, you will need to maintain it well. Still called Persea americana, this plant which comes to us directly from the regions of Central America and which can reach 20 m in height is very easy to maintain. Only you have to really know how to do it. This article rightly presents the best things to do for a successful interview.

Choose the right location

When you plant an avocado in the right place, it will have no trouble growing and giving you nice and sweet avocados in season. To bloom properly, this tree, which is part of the Lauraceae family, needs a lot of light. It will therefore develop better in a humid and sunny environment. If you must grow it in the ground, choose a soil with enough compost and heather soil. Also remember that it needs natural light to give you good avocados.

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Water your plant well

It is not enough to put your plant on the ground in a location where it is in the path of the sun’s rays to hope for a good result. You will also need to water it well. Without enough water, unfortunately, your avocado tree cannot grow well. It is also important to note that it would be a big mistake to water it excessively. If you do, its leaves will turn yellow. The lack of water makes them brown. Then water it regularly, because the avocado tree loves humid areas. But don’t overdo it.

Good fertilizer promotes good growth

Fertilizer does a lot of good for the avocado tree. It is advisable to opt here for natural fertilizer. Chemical fertilizer slowly destroys the avocado tree and prevents it from producing vitamin-rich avocados. It should also be remembered that chemical fertilizer gradually impoverishes the soil. Do not use it under the pretext of maintaining your avocado tree. Thus, you will be able to harvest 100% organic and ecological avocados. Manures can be used in the case of space.

More specifically, use the liquid vegetable fertilizer whose algae were used in the composition. You can also make use of organic and vegetarian liquid fertilizer. Bet here on the one that is made from grass. Its substances guarantee a good performance. Use it and you will admire the quality of the avocados that you will have the joy of picking in their season. Finally, it is recommended to give it the chosen fertilizer from time to time between spring and autumn.

The regular pruning of the avocado tree

The avocado tree planted in a container needs regular pruning when it rises a foot above the ground. By doing this, you prevent it from growing only as a stem. It will then have ramifications and will therefore not only grow in height. For this purpose, often pinch his head. Also rid your potted avocado tree of dead branches by pruning them. After a few years, the plant will grow into a real indoor tree with a height of 2-3 m.


The maintenance of the avocado tree also involves repotting. You need to repot it every two or three years. Don’t fail to do so during its very first years. Here, you will need gravel. You will also use organic clay balls. Repotting allows the plant to develop well. And that’s what you certainly want. So don’t neglect any of these tips.

Caring for the avocado tree

After all this, to allow your plant to grow in good conditions, you must keep it away from its natural enemies. Prevent fungi such as anthracnose and phytophthora from ending up in its environment. A fungicide treatment will be necessary to destroy the phytophthora. Before protecting it from anthracnose, you need to treat it with manure.

There are also pests that can harm your avocado tree. In their rank you will find the red spiders. The sciarids are also part of it. To prevent them from committing the irreparable, take the trouble to clean your plant with a large volume of water. Here are the best things to do to properly maintain your avocado tree.