How to protect package?

Comment faire pour protéger colis ?

It is now possible to send packets from one Point Relais® 1 to another. With this solution from Mondial Relay, individuals can easily and quickly send parcels to the other end of France. In addition, this service is cheaper than sending Colissimo by post.

How do you send a package by post?

How do you send a package by post?

Send a package from a post office

  • Release. Online at
  • To print. Generate the label on a post office controller.
  • Archive. at your post office.
  • Follow. Track your package to its destination.

How to send a package? How to return a package for individuals? To return your package, you have the option of dropping off your shipment in its original packaging at a Post Office, Point Relais or Chronopost Agency.

How does a shipment by Colissimo work? To send a Colissimo, simply go to a post office and frank it at the “Colissimo” rate. Your package will be weighed and therefore the price will be assessed according to the weight (see table below).

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Which carrier for a fragile package?

If you need to ship your fragile products, don’t worry, all our carriers can get them to their destination. You can easily entrust your parcel to Chronopost, UPS, DHL, Fedex or Colissimo.

How to pack fragile items? To pack fragile items: Fill the bottom of the box with polystyrene shavings and place the item to be protected on top so that it does not touch the bottom or the edges. Cover with polystyrene particles until a dome protrudes from the body.

How to send packages safely? La Poste certifies the delivery of the parcel, which activates the payment. Sécur’envoi offers users the guarantee that the products will be shipped securely by La Poste. At the same time, both buyer and seller will be emailed a unique secure shipping code for tracking the package.

How to make travel a vulnerable package? To prevent it from moving during transport, secure it with air cushions, foam, polystyrene or paper. Seal the packing box with strong tape. If your fragile item is small, like jewelry, wrap it in paper or bubble wrap and place it in a reinforced envelope!

How to send a package with its own box?

How to send a package with its own box?

To properly pack a parcel yourself, you must ensure that the item to be sent is in a sturdy cardboard box suitable for the contents. Nothing should protrude from the packaging: no string, no flap, no handle! Avoid overly complex shapes and favor cardboard.

How to pack a cheap package? The easiest way to save money on your parcel shipments is to tackle the packaging, which involves using a rigid box that is square or rectangular in shape and secured in exposed areas with heavy brown tape.

What type of La Poste package?

How to protect glasses when moving?

How to protect glasses when moving?

How to properly pack the dishes for a move? Use small boxes for books and dishes. Take one or two sheets of newspaper (or white paper). Plates: pack them four by four. When storing, place them upright to absorb any shock.

How to pack paintings for a move? Wrap the board in several layers of bubble wrap for maximum effectiveness. It is possible to put the work in a cardboard box to protect it even better. Large moving boxes, especially for clothes, can thus contain one or more wrapped paintings.

How to pack a bulky package?

How to pack a bulky package?

Wrap all items with bubble wrap or foam paper. Place them in a sturdy cardboard box so they don’t collide. With a heavy package, make sure that the objects above do not crush the objects below. The outer packaging must be strong.

How to pack a large object? It is also necessary to think about distributing the weights: the heaviest object must always be at the bottom of the box and in the middle. You can then arrange the other objects around the perimeter of this large object and then on the top floor. This distribution avoids the risk of trapping.

How to send a long package? Sending bulky parcels A protective layer must be applied to the bottom of the parcel, the goods must be packed and covered with polystyrene to limit shocks and thus protect. If you have your own packaging, please check the maximum permitted weight of your packaging.

How to protect the inside of a package?

The most commonly used packaging protectors are cardboard, bubble wrap, kraft paper and air cushions. They protect and secure the products.

How to fill the void in a package? To prevent the contents of your package from moving during transport, we recommend that you wrap it with bubble wrap or secure it with polystyrene foam. If you don’t have all these accessories, a very practical solution is to fill the gaps with newspaper.

How to protect a box? Protective covers for packing fragile objects or absorbing shocks between the boxes of the utility vehicle. Mobile bubble wrap to protect your most vulnerable assets. If you want to transport glasses or plates, choose boxes equipped with holders.

How to pack an order?

Before packing your product, you must first assemble the bottom of the box by folding the flaps inwards. Be careful not to cross the flaps: start with the smaller flaps then move on to the larger flaps. Of course, you tape the bottom to hold it in place.

How to do package packaging? Pry up your items avoiding the vacuum at the bottom and top of the package. For objects with protruding edges, reinforce the ends with protectors such as corrugated cardboard, foam or bubble wrap to prevent bumps. Closing system: Use strong adhesive tape to close your package.

How to send a cheap package? The solution used by many of us is delivery to a relay point: we can collect our parcels from merchants close to us. This solution is now available for individuals who can also use relays to send their parcels at a lower cost.

How to pad your package?

You can stuff a wrap with bubble wrap, inflatable air cushions (not for sharp objects), styrofoam, newspaper, or crumpled kraft paper. For really breakable items, the corners of your box should also be reinforced.

How to tape a package? Apply the tape using the “H” method to seal your package. We recommend using tape with a minimum width of 5cm and applying it evenly to the edges of the packaging. Note: Do NOT use masking tape or tape to mask wrappers.

How to protect the package? Secure the contents safely Remember to always secure the items you ship in the packaging, by wrapping them in bubble wrap, polystyrene flakes, air cushions, or at the very least filling the empty space with crumpled paper so that the object cannot move during transport.

How to reinforce a package?

4- Fix or reinforce the packaging. We recommend that you use wide, very strong adhesive tape for this. You can put it in H-shape on the package to ensure closure. Do not hesitate to reinforce the areas that need it (fragile corners, other interstices…).

How to reinforce cardboard? This consists of applying adhesive tape to the flaps, but also to the edges of the cardboard. To reinforce this closing system, glue can be added to the entire package. Your goods are thus perfectly protected and ready to hit the road!

How to ship glasses?

Send the glass by post or courier. If it’s a vase, put enough crumpled paper in it. Wrap each item in several layers of newspaper/bubble wrap. Protect the edges with cardboard or polystyrene corners.

How to pack glassware? For glasses: the method is similar. You should wrap them in newspaper to protect them from any impact. Use between three or four sheets of newspaper for each glass. Part of the foil to fill the inside of the glass and the second part to wrap it.

How to pack a painting for shipping? It is advisable to wear white cotton gloves when handling. Then wrap the painting in bubble wrap or a sheet of polyethylene foam. Tape everything well to protect the work against shocks, deformations, perforations and humidity. Slip everything into a cardboard tube.

How to send a package without it being expensive?

Reduce the weight of the package. The costs of sending a package are also calculated according to the weight. If possible, eliminate unnecessary things and favor cardboard packaging rather than wood or metal, which are heavier and therefore more expensive.

How to send a package without paying? Cash on delivery is a payment service for a shipment offered by La Poste. If you want to send a package that you cannot get paid in advance and want to be paid guaranteed, then COD has the solution.

How can I pay less to send a small package? Relays are the most popular solution to send your goods at a lower cost. Also remember to send packages courtesy of individuals for bulky items and price comparators abroad, and you can ship what you want without breaking the bank!

How to pack your drawings?

E/ Send drawings in small format (A4 and smaller) & gt; cardboard envelopes are usually sufficient. If you don’t have a cardboard envelope, use the so-called “sandwich” method which consists of placing a drawing in a paper envelope between 2 sheets of cardboard (double wave).

Wedging fragile objects: how to do it?

Protecting fragile items in a package is relatively easy when you know the pro tips. First of all, be aware that it is advisable to choose a box larger than the object in question in order to create empty spaces. Then, fill the bottom of the box with polystyrene chips. The object must neither touch the edges nor touch the bottom of the package. Cover your fragile object with polystyrene chips. Also be aware that the volume of polystyrene must be higher than the volume of the cardboard to create pressure when closing. Thus, your object is protected and cannot move.

For better protection, consider discover the products on You will find everything you need for wedging and protecting fragile objects: bubble wrap, foam sheets, wedging paper, kraft paper, corrugated cardboard roll, foam adhesive pads, antistatic bubble bags, muslin paper, etc.

Wedging is generally done with foam pads and kraft paper. If the object placed in the package is very fragile, wedging is the most important step. Once wedged, the object must be protected with bubble wrap or polystyrene chips.