How to make a garden table

Comment fabriquer une table de jardin

Oak is the wood most commonly used for the manufacture – artisanal or industrial – of furniture, parquet, but also of dwellings. Ultra durable because solid, it can be kept for a very, very long time.

How to make a wooden pallet table?

Choose aged pallets, solid wood, avoid the tree which is not strong enough. Remove the top boards with a crowbar. Place the pallets on the ground and build the structure of your table. Here I sawed off half of the 2nd pallet to form a 6 foot table.

  • Attach the various elements with wood screws and mounting brackets using a drill/driver.
  • Use clamps to hold parts steady during assembly.
  • Sand the surface of the wood with sandpaper to remove splinters.

For example, you can try to make a table with 3 boards of 5 cm × 30 cm, having a length of 150 cm to make the top, 4 boards of 10 cm × 10 cm, of a length of 72 cm to make the feet .

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For your indoor table, choose a professional

Making a garden table yourself from A to Z can be a good choice, as it brings a natural touch to your exterior. However, when it comes to your interior, it is desirable to order a table leg from a professional. Indeed, the industrial decoration trend requires a metal base for your living room table.

If working with wood is possible at home, working with metal requires a completely different know-how and equipment. It is therefore, most of the time, difficult to make this type of furniture yourself, at least as far as the supporting structure is concerned.

If you don’t know how to choose your new table base metal, go directly to a site specializing in this type of item. You will find a wide variety of models in different styles, but also models to assemble yourself for a simplified DIY creation.

The Loftboutik site, for example, offers a range of metal or steel table legs that can be personalized. Thus, you will choose the dimensions, the color of the structure (black, gray, etc.) and the finish (raw steel, varnish or matte) according to your desires.

You will then install the wooden tray that you may have made yourself, or any other tray of your choice.

How to build a wooden table with chopsticks?

Shape your wooden legs according to the size and height of your table. Glue your chopsticks together with wood glue, then place them around the edges of the table top. Then put them together using corner clamps.

How to fix the legs of a wooden table?

You need four mounting plates. Each must be fixed in one of the 4 corners (or shelves depending on the shape) of the underside of the table. Next, insert a wood/metal double-threaded screw into the top side of the leg. Finally you have to couple the foot with the plate by turning it to tighten it.

How to position the legs of a table?

Attention: the mounting plate of a table leg is designed to be screwed to the 4 corners of the table top. Place the table legs as precisely as possible on the underside of the table top, so that the drawn dividing lines correspond to the center of the table leg.

How to repair table legs?

  • 1 – Position the supplied nut in the table leg plate. …
  • 2 – Position the plate in the desired location. …
  • 3 – Insert the fixing rod in the plate. …
  • 4 – Sketch the ends of the plate. …
  • 5 – Tighten each of the screws provided at the different locations on the plate.

How to disassemble a wooden table?

  • Step 1: Empty the contents of the cabinet to be dismantled.
  • Step 2: Using a pencil or on a sticker, mark the location of each item with a number or note.
  • Step 3: Remove the furniture doors.
  • Step 4: Lay the furniture on the floor.

What wood for the dining table?

The dining room table is the center of attention, and for good reason: the whole family rushes there morning, noon and night. If light woods make you stand out, prefer oak or chestnut. If, on the contrary, dark woods capsize you, prefer walnut or suar.

How to make an outdoor table?

Here are the steps to create your garden table:

  • Arrange the 6 boards of 15 × 180 cm on the ground so as to build a tray.
  • On each plant, mark a point halfway along.
  • make 2.5 cm marks on each side to overlap another plank.

How to make a folding table on the wall?

Folding wall table to make at home – easy and practical! In order to create an original folding table, you need to equip yourself with a wooden board, cleats, angles, screws, hinges, a clasp, paint, a screwdriver, dowels and glue special.

How to make an easy folding table?

  • Gather the materials. …
  • Assemble the parts of the foldable table top. …
  • Drill and assemble the folding table legs. …
  • Screw the legs to finalize the manufacture of the folding table.

Start by painting the slat, the legs and the wooden board black. Then pre-drill the cleat to create mounting holes on the wall. Now place this cleat against the wall so as to identify the places to be drilled.

How to make a high table?

Make the high table start by measuring the height of the foot. Then transfer the measurement to the wall to define the location of the future tray. Then use a level to obtain a perfectly flat surface. The idea is then to fix a cleat at this place to put the tray.