How to make a cheap swimming pool

Comment faire une piscine pas cher

A pool with a budget of between €15,000 and €25,000 For those who want a robust pool with a long lifespan, it is recommended to opt for an in-ground pool. There are two types: concrete pool or shell pool.

What price for a Mini-pool?

For the installation of a mini buried swimming pool, it costs between 5,000 and 10,000 €. If you opt for a small semi-buried swimming pool, you will have to pay between €4,000 and €6,000.

What budget pool? For a really tight budget, we opt for a tubular above ground pool: formed of a coating that will rest on metal tubes, this pool can be installed without work, on a simply protected ground. For 1,000 euros you can enjoy a 5m rectangular swimming pool.

What is a mini pool? What is a mini pool? Included in the category of XS pools are those with a width between 2 and 4 meters and a length between 4 and 6 meters. The surface of a mini pool is always less than 20 M², this size being the largest model in the range.

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How to build a swimming pool?

Earthwork: dig a hole for the swimming pool and trenches for electrical equipment and pipes. The bottom of the pool must be stabilized, for example with gravel. Installation of the structure: place the walls of the sink (pouring of the concrete or assembly of the kit).

How to make a swimming pool at a lower cost? In order to save more, it is possible to make a hole with a shovel. You can also rent an excavator. This material will facilitate the tasks, because it entails an additional cost in rent. Finally, you can also call on a professional to carry out all the earthworks.

How to write a swimming pool? 1. Artificial pool, varying in shape and size, equipped for bathing, swimming, etc. ; set of equipment surrounding this basin. 2. Inflatable structure that fills with water for swimming: a plastic swimming pool.

How to maintain a swimming pool?

Perform additional weekly pool maintenance

  • Clean the water line: Use a magic sponge or a special gel to maintain the water line in the basin.
  • Vacuuming: Use proper cleaning equipment to remove debris from the bottom of the pool. …
  • Measure the chlorine level.

How to keep the water clean in an inflatable pool? Before vacuuming and before each filling, scrub the walls with a brush adapted to your lining. Don’t forget the rollers and the gaps between each one. A small landing net will allow you to remove dirt, plant debris and insects from the surface of the water.

What product for pool maintenance? Chlorine: in granules and tablets, this is the cheapest and most widespread pool product. Salt for electrolyzed swimming pools. Bromine: more expensive than chlorine but less irritating and odorless.

Is it difficult to maintain a swimming pool? Pool maintenance is more complicated for some models, especially on the ground. Indeed, the latter do not always have an effective filtration system. In this case, do not hesitate to remove the landing net or the robot vacuum cleaner to get rid of leaves and other insects.

How to make a natural swimming pool Yourself?

To build your natural pool, you must choose a semi-shaded location. Thus, you limit the development of algae and create an ideal environment for plants. He will delimit the basin and the planting areas with markings on the ground.

What is the price of a natural swimming pool? It is necessary to take into account the dimensions, the ground to be excavated, the materials and techniques used or the desired facilities. The cost of a natural swimming pool varies from €20,000 to €60,000 including tax, or 20 to 30% more than the cost of a traditional swimming pool.

What surface for a natural swimming pool? Natural swimming pool: the right dimensions A swimming pool of 40 m2 (8 x 5 m) is in this case minimal, to which must be added that of the green space. The greater the latter, the more effective the biological filtration will be.

What pool height should you choose?

Pool height 91% of pools are between 136 and 147 cm high*. These are pool heights that allow, depending on the size of the swimmers, a perfect balance between ease of use, sportiness and simplicity of treatment.

What height of tubular pool to choose? Pools with a metal structure (tubular) Tubular pools can have a round or rectangular shape. Intex brand tubular pools measure from 3.05 m to 5.49 m for the round ones; and from 2.20 x 1.50 m to 9.75 x 4.88 m for the rectangular ones. The height varies from 76 cm to 1.32 m.

What size pool to avoid paying taxes? To your question “How big is the pool so you don’t pay tax?” » » The answer is less than 10 m2. A swimming pool of less than 10 m2 is not taxed and does not require a work permit.

What is the ideal size for a swimming pool? You should opt for a length of around 10 to 25 meters and a width of up to 4 meters. The standard dimensions of a vaulted pool are 12×3 m. Therefore, a very large swimming pool is not necessarily a good idea for those who mainly want to swim.

What is the ideal depth for a swimming pool?

Keep in mind that to swim in good conditions, your pool must be between 1 and 20 meters deep.

How deep for a flat bottom pool? With a depth of 1.50 m, the basin is relatively shallow and the volume of water to be heated is lower. Maintenance is easy and safety is essential. The 1.50 m deep flat pool is ideal for sports activities such as aquagym or aquabiking.

How high for an inground pool? However, for safety reasons, it is recommended not to exceed one meter in height.

What is the price of a small inground pool?

Indoor pools can cost up to $6,000 for the simplest kit models. For a seashell pool, the price is at least €10,000. The price is higher for the construction of a concrete swimming pool, it is necessary to plan at least 15,000 €.

What pool for €10,000? From €10,000, a small monohull polyester swimming pool (12-15m²) or a kit with formwork or good-sized panels (20m²). At this budget level, you can also start considering a modestly sized natural pool provided you do it yourself.

What is the price of a solid swimming pool? a swimming pool with a concrete block structure is available from €20,000 for an average price of €25,000.

How much does a swimming pool cost? To take advantage of this kitty, the budget to prepare is estimated between €1,500 and €10,000 on average. An in-ground pool requires a budget of between €6,000 and €45,000. The size and materials used greatly affect the cost of construction.

Which swimming pool for 8,000 euros?

Cost of an above-ground swimming pool kit Please note that the price depends largely on the material chosen, the dimensions of the swimming pool or its quality: count between 500 and 3000 euros for a swimming pool in the swimming pool. acer. Count between 1,500 and 8,000 euros for a wooden pool on land.

What pool for €50,000? From 15,000 to 50,000 euros for an in-ground swimming pool The entry level is the blue or white shell in polyester, the price of which varies from 15,000 to 20,000 euros depending on quality and size.

What pool for 8,000 euros? And finally, for a semi-buried concrete pool, the budget varies from 8,000 to 12,000 euros. On the other hand, semi-buried swimming pools are less durable over time than buried swimming pools. An important element in the arbitration between the two types of groups.

Take advantage of a mini swimming pool to cool off in summer

You absolutely want to have a swimming pool but, unfortunately, your land is not big enough? This is not a problem : the mini pool is a good compromise between your desire and the possibilities available to you.

It is even the best of the alternatives. Indeed, if the word mini swimming pool can make you smile, do not expect to see a puddle of water come to life in your home. It is simply a swimming pool that is less than 10 square meters.

Therefore, it is largely possible, with several people, to take advantage of it when the high temperatures point the tip of their nose. The advantage is that these pools heat up faster than the others since they are smaller.

Aesthetic, they can easily find their place in your garden, even if you don’t have a lot of space. After all, what you want in a swimming pool is relaxation and refreshment.

Rest assured, the mini swimming pool offers you these services. Do not hesitate to discover the models that are available online, which can help you project yourself. Quickly, you will consider having a mini swimming pool at home. Imagine, this summer, quietly installed. It is desirable, no ?