How to heat a spa at a lower cost?

Comment chauffer un spa a moindre coût ?

How to regulate the temperature of a jacuzzi? During sessions of 20 minutes or more, be careful not to exceed 37°C. For shorter dives (about 10 minutes), it is possible to increase the temperature by one or two degrees (between 38 and 40°C for adults only).

What is the electricity consumption of a hot tub?

The annual electricity consumption of a jacuzzi for 4 people, placed outside, can vary between 2,500 and more than 7,500 kWh, from simple to triple. In comparison, a typical house without electric heating consumes around 3,500 kWh per year.

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What is the consumption of an Intex Jacuzzi?

For an Intex inflatable spa of 1000 liters used every two days, count that it will consume 6.6 kWh per day or 1 € per day for its electricity consumption. This amounts to €365 per year in electricity costs.

Of course, the consumption increases with the frequency of use of the spa as well as with the size of the inflatable spa.

How to heat a spa at a lower cost?

The most efficient and economical heat exchanger… provided you have a boiler, heat pump or solar panels. If so, simply connect your spa to the system. The water is then heated by transfer of calories from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit.

Does a spa consume a lot of electricity?

Yet, according to Intex, your inflatable spa consumes an average of 6.6 kW per day. … The lower the outdoor temperature, the more energy your spa’s heating system will consume.

How to save electricity with a spa?

It is best to set the thermostat between 38 and 39°C so that the water is hot enough and stays at the right temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature will allow you not to spend too much energy. Obviously, by modulating the temperature, you will put more pressure on your heating system.

As an indication, a classic jacuzzi consumes around 6.60KW/H per day, i.e. around €1 per day in its electricity consumption.

How to adjust the temperature of a spa?

For everyday use, the easiest way is to let the spa heat continuously to the desired temperature (typically between 36°C and 39°C). It is also possible to lower the temperature a few degrees and heat it before use.

How to program your spa?

The latter usually gives you a temperature option of up to 40°C, but ideally you should set the temperature to around 34°C and then wait for the water to warm up – note that the temperature rises by around 2 to 3°C per hour, but if it is a first warm-up, the delay will be…

How to adjust the temperature of an Intex spa?

water temperature Desired temperature
Temperatures 25°C 35°C
To wait for => About 5 hours

How to heat the water in an inflatable spa?

The water in Intex inflatable spas is heated by an electrical resistance. The water passes through the filtration circuit, accompanied by a resistor. This is supplied with electrical current and begins to heat up. The water that passes close to the resistance is heated by heat exchange.

To heat the water in your spa, you have several options to choose from. The simplest solution to install is the electric heater, but it consumes a lot of electricity. Solar heating or heat exchanger is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to use.

How to heat a Bestway spa?

Before activating the heating function, you must set the temperature. When the heating system is on, the heating button and the filter button turn red. The filtration system turns on and the heating system begins to heat the water.

What is the consumption of an Intex Jacuzzi?

For a 1000 liter Intex-type inflatable jacuzzi used every two days, consider that you will consume 6.6 kWh per day, or €1 per day for your electricity consumption. This amounts to €365 per year in electricity costs.

Calculate the number of hours per month you use the spa and multiply that number by the number of kilowatts you use. For example, 30 hours per month multiplied by 7.5 kW equals 225 kilowatt hours per month.

How much does an inflatable spa cost?

Spas for 2 to 4 people are offered from €280/300 to €480/550, depending on the brand, model and features. For a complete and quality inflatable 4-seater spa, you can count on average from 380 € to 400 €.

How to raise the temperature of an Intex jacuzzi?

water temperature Desired temperature
Temperatures 15°C 35°C
To wait for = & gt; About 10 hours
Temperatures 25°C 35°C
To wait for = & gt; About 5 hours

If you absolutely want to lower or raise the temperature of the water, it is quite possible. For this you will have to use the electric heater that you will find in the control panel of the jacuzzi.

For a perfect moment of relaxation, heating the water in your spa and the jets released by the nozzles is essential. Unlike a swimming pool where the temperature is generally below 30°C, in the case of an inflatable spa, the water often heats up to around 35°C and can rise to 41°C.

Heat your SPA during off-peak hours

If you plan to put your SPA on the road for the summer, know that it is strongly advised to wait for off-peak hours. A SPA can take six hours to heat up, so it’s as many hours or the counter keeps ticking. To find out when your off-peak hours are, you can call your energy supplier, who will tell you the electricity tariff annual one kilowatt-hour. Normally this is also listed on the invoice.

Compare offers if you are paying too much

If you think that your SPA consumes too much, it may be that the rates offered by your electricity supplier are too expensive. It may be time, in this situation, to change provider. To simplify your task, you only need to use an energy comparator, which will tell you which supplier is the cheapest, depending on where you live.

The motor of the SPA continuously consumes

If you want maintain the temperature of your SPA, you will have to leave the engine and the thermostat running. To prevent it from costing you too much, it is better to start it quietly and let it run rather than putting it on full throttle as soon as you want to use it. However, consider look at energy prices during peak hours.

Finally, what can be done to heat your SPA at a lower cost, it is to lower the temperature of the latter. Although it is advisable to keep it at body temperature, your wallet will thank you.

Energy prices are changing

Be aware that prices that were fixed last year may no longer be so today. Your offer that seemed so attractive to you may no longer be so advantageous. perform regular comparisons to know the evolution of prices, and always reduce the amount of your invoice.