How to cover a garden arbor

Comment recouvrir une tonnelle de jardin

How to cover the terrace?

Installing a pergola Installing a pergola is one of the most appropriate options for covering your terrace. It is an easy to install device, it is the installation of a roof which is supported by poles. In the garden, it can be decorated with climbing plants that perfectly cover the terrace.

What coating for an outdoor terrace?

Layout: 10 flooring on the terrace

  • Three. The tree is ideal for terraces. …
  • Composite wood. Composite wood is ideal if you have children. …
  • Natural stone. …
  • The reconstituted stone. …
  • Floor tile. …
  • Concrete. …
  • Synthetic peat. …
  • Of bricks.

How to cover a terrace at a low price?

12 solutions to cover your terrace

  • The pergola. The pergola is a durable and versatile solution, since it consists of a wood or metal construction that adapts to all shapes and styles and adapts to almost any configuration. …
  • The sail stretched. …
  • The shop. …
  • Bamboo pergola. …
  • The trellis. …
  • Velum. …
  • The porch. …
  • The arboretum.

Which outdoor floor is the cheapest?

Prices for classic coatings: gravel and cobblestone. Gravel is the cheapest exterior coating on the market. In addition, a good handyman can take care of laying out the driveway and laying it himself, which saves installation costs.

What is the cheapest terrace?

The PVC pergola with a call price of 80 € is the cheapest pergola. On the other hand, if the budget for the terrace spaces allows it, you can opt for a bioclimatic pergola (minimum 6000 €), the guarantee of saving money in the long term.

How to cover the tent?

Lay the tiles on the bricks or attach the roof. To prevent infiltration, take care of the cross between the wall and the awning, with a waterproofing film (bitumen felt) and a strip fixed with a waterproof joint, which must be placed on the wall at least 5 cm above above the tiles.

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How to make a pergola with canis?

Let it protrude 5 cm from the edge of the frame and secure it with plasticized wire. Then you can relax another band of canaries covering the previous one for approx. 15 cm at the crossroads. Tie with the cord and your pergola is ready.

How to make a Leroy Merlin wooden pergola?

Start at the top of the pergola by screwing in 2 barges E at 5 cm intervals. Screw the slats F one after the other and space them evenly by 5 cm. Tip: to avoid splitting the wood, drill the boards with a piece of wood then screw. Slide the screw heads slightly so you can hide them at the end.

How to tie a canis?

Cut a little long cord for the party. To attach the rabbit, it is necessary to make a fixation every 20 to 30 cm on the posts. This will give you a well-secured rod that won’t move in a gust of wind. Unroll the canvas over the railing and place the fasteners.

How to dress a pergola?

Another solution to protect and dress a pergola, the stretched canvas that is attached to the structure, brings a seafront – like a sail of a boat – or modern to an outdoor space. But it’s the climbing plants that turn all the charm into pergolas!

What color is the pergola?

For example, if your house is a modern house with all-white walls, a pergola in the same style will accentuate you more: pristine white with a clean design. On the other hand, for a country style home, softer colors like gray or beige will definitely do the trick.

How to climb a vine on a pergola?

If the vine must pass over an arbor or pergola, bend the vertical wire to the desired height. During the summer, complete with a green pruning of two or three leaves on the last bunches. Well-nourished winters produce shoots over 2 m in one season.

How to protect a pergola from the rain?

To protect against the sun or rain, the pergola is often covered with a screen. What systems and materials can be used? In the case of gazebos, gazebos and gazebos, the roof is permanently used so that it can be heavy, with mechanical tiles, metal plates, etc.

Which polycarbonate sheet to choose for Pergola?

Cellular polycarbonate for roofing: This type of polycarbonate stands out for its insulation, and is available in different thicknesses (10, 16, 32 and 55 mm). Often used for pergola or porch, it is finished with aluminum profiles.

How to protect the terrace from the rain?

A terrace covered with a pergola We call bioclimatic pergolas, perfectly sealed models that protect not only from the sun, but also from the rain. Firmly anchored in the ground, it can be buried deep or cut into a concrete base.

How to protect your terrace from the sun?

If you want to protect yourself from the sun while decorating your terrace, the shade sail is made for you! It is ideal in a space between two walls and protects while creating a tavern atmosphere. Finally, you can also choose the canvas, the rabbit, the vegetation, the awning, the gazebo…

What material to cover the pergola?

Cover with a sturdier aluminum pergola. You have the choice, depending on your expectations. Please note that aluminium, a very robust and recyclable material, is perfectly resistant to UV rays and bad weather.

Is it hot under the polycarbonate pergola?

It is even 250 times stronger than other glass materials. This impact resistance is doubled with a surprising thermal resistance. Whether in very cold or hot periods, the polycarbonate carpet will not suffer the ravages of time.

How to cover the roof of a pergola?

To cover a pergola, you can: choose a green roof. choose blinds that you can order to measure …. Our 4 tips for covering a pergola

  • Choose a green roof for your pergola. …
  • Blinds for the roof of your pergola. …
  • Choose an Azur pergola with a retractable roof.

How to fix polycarbonate sheets on the roof of the Pergola?

Installation of polycarbonate plates For this, it is recommended to place the side treated against UV rays towards the outside of the building. The plate must then be inserted into the already installed edge profile and then entered into another screwed profile on the other side.

Which canisse to cover the pergola?

The canvas is used to make the roof of the pergola. It can be made of natural or synthetic materials. Natural cane comes in several varieties: in fact, it is bamboo cane, basket and reed.

Install an arbor to extend your outdoor terrace

Are you planning to have a big family meal, but your outdoor terrace is too small? In this case, we advise tobuy a garden gazebo. The latter will allow you to extend your covered terrace while allowing you to protect your guests from the weather (blazing sun, rain, etc.). Arbors are increasingly popular with consumers, and for good reason, they can be used for many events.

Indeed, you can use the arbor for a wedding, for a baptism, to protect tools, or even to create a garden furniture. Gazebos are becoming more and more sophisticated. Although in the past, the latter could become ovens due to the lack of ventilation, it is not at all the same thing now.

Moreover, if you want to make your recently purchased arbor profitable, you can always rent it out so that other people can benefit from it, especially those who cannot afford to buy one. This type of small rental is in great demand, especially in spring and summer for a wedding, a baptism or even a meal with many guests.