How to choose outdoor spa

Comment choisir spa exterieur

You can choose from many options for heating thermal water. The simplest solution to install is an electric radiator, which however consumes a lot of electricity. Solar heating or heat exchanger is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to use.

How to install a rigid spa?

What are the works to install the spa?

  • dig a hole to accommodate the pool.
  • lay the foundations.
  • install the pipeline and install the technical block.
  • connect water and electricity
  • install a hot tub.
  • fill the hole and complete it.

How to install a spa in the garden? Portable and inflatable spas The ground on which the spas will be installed must not be rough to avoid damaging the spa. Avoid placing hot tubs directly on grass. Plan to install a bed of sand covered with a tarp, or pour a smooth concrete slab and place your spa on it.

Which spa permit? Whether it is a built or buried spa, you must apply for a building permit from the town hall (cerfa 13406 07). After two months of examination of the file and without response from the French administration, you can start the installation.

How to make a foundation for a spa? The base of the spa Use a reinforced concrete slab approximately 10 centimeters thick. Connect the ground wire to the wired network. When you want to install the spa on an existing surface, for example on a terrace or a patio, you must first make sure that the spa is flat.

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Which site to buy a spa?

Product Name Performance But buy?
3. Outdoor spa for 5 people in Fonteyn 5 slots See a price comparison for ManoMano
2. Sanremo open-air spa by Beliani 6 slots See Price comparison on CDiscount
1. Junebo Seat Hot Tub with 7 Outdoor Seats 7 slots See the price

How to buy a hot tub? For a built-in hot tub with 2 to 4 places, expect a range of €4,000 to €12,000 for wooden or concrete hot tubs and between €8,000 and €15,000 for mosaic or stone hot tubs. The spa bill can reach up to €30,000.

What color for a spa?

If the color of your inflatable spa is the criterion of choice to create a modern and refined atmosphere, choose: neutral colors such as beige, black or gray, a color on the edge or inside the spa that is different of it. escort to create a contrast.

Which color to choose for a beauty salon? Choice of colors For more sobriety, opt for timeless colors such as black, brown, white or gray. White and gray are often used in beauty salons to create a zen, calm and refined atmosphere. A bubble of pleasure, sweetness, relaxation and relaxation.

What type of spa? Three types of spas Above ground spas: in this category we find rigid shell spas and inflatable bathtubs, these two models are less expensive than built-in spas. Swimming pool: reserved for sports use, the swimming pool is the least common of the three and is undoubtedly the most expensive.

How to consume less electricity with a spa?

Therefore, try to keep the water at 25° as much as possible when you are not using the jacuzzi and heat the water to 35-37° just before bathing; – Buy a thermal blanket. In summer or winter, water left outside cools very quickly.

How much is the electricity consumption for the spas? Based on the current price of energy, Intex estimates that using an inflatable spa with jets and bubbles will cost you an average of 0.30 euros per hour. This amounts to 1 euro or 2 euros per day, depending on the time of use.

How to save electricity with a spa? It is best to place the thermostat between 38 and 39°C so that the water is hot enough and remains at the right temperature. If you maintain a constant temperature, you will not spend too much energy. It is obvious that by regulating the temperature, you will put more stress on the heating system.

How to heat a spa at a lower cost? The most efficient and economical heat exchanger if you have a boiler, heat pump or solar cells. If so, simply connect the spa to the system. The water is then heated by transfer of calories from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit.

How to protect inflatable spa from the sun?

To avoid this, the first rule of proper maintenance of inflatable spas is to protect them by placing them in the shade away from direct sunlight, especially during the hottest hours of the day. For example, install an inflatable spa under a gazebo or a garden shed.

How to install an inflatable spa? Protect your spa under a pergola A tent, a gazebo or a pergola have lightweight constructions that are easily installed in the corner of the terrace or in the garden. Equipped with curtains or blinds, the pergola effectively protects you from prying eyes.

How to protect an outdoor spa? It is possible to install a protective tarp for the cover (about 30 cm in height) or in a complete cover which will cover your spa from top to bottom. This second option will protect your spa from top to bottom. This coating will be particularly effective against UV rays, wind, snow.

What is the best quality-price spa?

After 16 hours of research and a detailed review of the 22 models currently available, the Intex PureSpa Baltic stands out as the best value for money of the moment.

What is the best hot tub for the price? BEST VALUE: NetSpa-Spa inflatable octopus. Make it easier to install by opting for this inflatable outdoor spa that can accommodate 4 to 6 people at a time.

What are the best inflatable hot tubs for 2021? Intex PureSpa Deluxe PureSpa Deluxe is the most popular model from the American giant Intex. With this model, the manufacturer proves once again that it is the best in this sector. With its octagonal shape and internal dimensions of 168 x 71 cm, this inflatable spa can accommodate 6 people.

What are the best spas on the market? Jacuzzi. Manufacturer of high quality spas, this company is reliable and its name is now used to label spas in general. It really is number one in the world of spas.

How to choose the right outdoor spa?

If you wish to purchase an outdoor spa, it is important to obtain it from a specialized site. Discover the range of outdoor spas from Ligne Spa for that. On the other hand, when choosing an outdoor hot tub, there are a few key criteria to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you choose the right outdoor spa for your needs.

Durability and weather resistance

First criteria, durability and weather resistance are essential. You need to make sure that the hot tub you choose can withstand all types of weather conditions, whether it’s hot or cold, sunny or rainy.

Size and Portability

Size and portability are other important factors. If you plan to use your outdoor hot tub in different locations, you will need to make sure it is easy to move. If space is limited, you may consider a smaller size.

The cost

Of course, cost is also an important consideration when choosing an outdoor hot tub. The price of outdoor spas can vary from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. Choose the one that fits your budget and needs.