GUIDE: fishing easily at sea

GUIDE : pêcher facilement en mer

How to make bait?

List of decoys available in Genshin Impact and how to get them

  • Fruit paste. 1x Dusk Apple and 1x Wheat Sprig Useful for Medaka type fish.
  • Fetid. 1x bloody dendrobium and 1x chicken. …
  • Dummy worm. 1x slime blob and 1x berry. …
  • False fly. 1x cherry blossom and 1x ponytail.

How to make the bait? Use canned corn. Just thread a few kernels of corn along the hook. Cast the lure in the water and get ready to catch smallmouth fish like sea bream as soon as the hook hits the water.

How to make your own fishing lure? But also simply bread, in a form equivalent to that used as bait. Thus, when you fish with crumb pellets, you can lure your shot by throwing as often and regularly as possible mixed crumb pellets of equivalent size to those used strung on the hook.

How to fish with nothing? As evening approaches or early in the morning, place the bait near submerged logs, under embankments, and under bushes overhanging the surface of the water. On the lakes, during the summer heat, you can fish in depth. In the warm season, in the evening and early in the morning, fish in shallow water.

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A store dedicated to fishing

Fishing at sea is now within your reach and all you have to do is find a boat to get away from the shore, but above all to provide yourself with equipment. Indeed, whatever techniques you have learned, without a fishing store, you will not be able to have at your disposal everything you need to fish correctly. First, you have to determine what type of fish you want to hunt, this is how you will determine what types of cane, but also of reel will suit you best. Then you have to know which lures to choose, since you know very well that we do not fish predators as we fish catfish, and that we will not be able to attract a pike with some lures designed for trout or with equipment fly fishing, for sure !

The art of fishing has its secrets

There fishing is considered an art, by those who practice it and who refine their techniques as well as their knowledge about Pisces, over the years. They gain experience little by little, trying to understand a little better the environment in which such Pisces evolve and why such lures work better than others. Likewise, they know very well that with certain fishing rod, it is not imaginable to catch the least predator, because where it evolves naturally, one does not find smaller fish resembling this. Likewise when we fishing by the river, or even on a canoe, in the middle of the water, it is not the same thing as when one sea ​​fishing and that we are dealing with the current, like fish that are used to moving offshore all their lives.

When Can we fish at the seaside?

The best time to fish is almost always at high or low tide, not at the highest or lowest point when the water moves little or not at all.

How to fish by the sea? Sea fishing with cork For more efficiency, a bait made from soaked bread to which we will add a little sardine oil will attract the fish and fix it in place. Rockfish, sars, saps or other insects can be easily caught while fishing.

Are you allowed to fish at sea? Rules for sea fishing Unlike river fishing, a fishing license is not required for sea fishing. Everyone has the right to fish by collecting shellfish and crustaceans on the beach or on the rocks, to take his fishing rod and bring the fish back.

What license to fish at sea? The answer is no: you do not need a license to fish from the shore, unlike river or freshwater fishing in general, you do not need to buy a fishing license to be able to fish from the shore. sea.

How to fish from a boat at sea?

Jigging, boat fishing par excellence It consists of using a metal jig and moving it along the water column where the fish is. It is a practice perhaps even easier to grasp than to reject.

How to fish in the Mediterranean from a boat? The bait (bait or bait) is attached to the hook and drags behind the moving boat. To improve performance, anglers can use sonar to select points of interest or locate a school of fish. Trolling is one of the techniques suitable for mackerel fishing.

How to start sea fishing? Many fishing stations are accessible from the edge. From a dam, a port, a beach, a pontoon, you can embark on this fishing that is available to you. On the bait side, just put a worm on the hook and put the float in the water.

What smell attracts fish?

However, certain known smells attract fish. Especially the garlic! In addition to this smell, there is anise and salt. Garlic is used by several companies.

How to make fish bait? Prepare a cornbread bait. Get a can of cornbread mix, a can of sweet corn, and two slices of bread. Divide the bread into small pieces and place it in a bowl. Add cornbread mix and can of sweetcorn and mix by hand.

What attracts fish? Live worms, earthworms, larvae and the like are usually good bait. Most fish will be interested in them because they are easy to see and move underwater, which attracts most fish.

How to attract fish to the sea? Sea fishing lures Industrial bread and shortcrust pastry are easy bait and groundbait for fine fishing in summer and on the shores of the Mediterranean. The fish that appreciate this type of bait are the soups and the red mullets.