Find used agricultural equipment in Brittany

Trouver du materiel agricole occasion en bretagne

What driving license to harvest? To use the combine harvester, you must have at least a valid B license. Holders of a B license can drive a vehicle with a gross weight (GVWR) of less than 3.5 tons, not only the driver’s seat, but also 8 seats.

Who can drive an agricultural quad?

The driver must be at least 16 years old (18 if the width is greater than 2.50 m) The license will be exempt from use if the machine is attached to an agricultural or forestry operation, CUMA or agricultural work.

What is an agricultural quad? The recreational vehicle is a compact quad machine used in many industries, from parks and gardens to agricultural and forestry operations. It is much cheaper than a tractor. Agricultural quads require minimal investment relative to their applications. …

Which quad is driven with a B licence? In short, if you have a B licence, you can legally drive: a heavy quad (engine capacity greater than 50 cm3); A SSV T1, T2 and T3; And a MAGA quad.

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How to find a used tractor?

We particularly recommend the following platforms: Agriaffaires and Terre-Net occasion. Agriaffaires notably offers more than 20,000 advertisements for used tractors in all French departments.

How much does a farm tractor cost? The price of a 550 to 600 horsepower farm tractor starts at $310,000 and can go up to $350,000. The price of a new agricultural tractor with more than 600 horsepower could cost more than 450,000 euros.

What is the best-selling tractor in the world? John Deere retains the lead in sales of tractors over 50 hp with a 20.6% market share.

How to choose a tractor?

The power of your tractor must be adapted to the surface of the farm and to your equipment. For example: A tractor between 30 and 60 HP is suitable if your area is less than 5 acres. From there, you will need to keep a tractor over 70 HP.

What power for an agricultural tractor? In principle, a tractor between 80 and 90 horsepower is sufficient for conventional applications. About 30 to 60 horses are needed to cultivate an area less than or equal to 5 ha.

What are the most reliable tractors? “Fendt” is the most trusted brand with the most voters (24% of votes). It seems that the German brand, which made a bold bet more than 10 years ago, is constantly transmitting itself to the whole range of its tractor, which seems to have a very good image with French farmers.

How does an agricultural tractor drive?

Properly attach any trailer or farm equipment to your tractor.

  • Carry out these operations in an open and free place. …
  • Slowly reverse the tractor.
  • Stop the trailer as close to the trailer or hitch as possible using the braked support system.
  • Put your engine in neutral.

How to learn to drive a tractor? Brake with your right foot before turning the key to start the engine. After starting the tractor, press the accelerator lightly to warm up the engine. If you start driving after starting the tractor, there are plenty of options for stopping.

How does a tractor move? The tractor can be moved at nearly 2 to 8 km/h with a rotary hoe, rotary hoe or vibrating tool, just like when working with sowing and planting tools (seed drill, seeder…).

What age to drive a tractor on the road?

Note: It is possible to drive a tractor from the age of 16 if the width of the vehicle (or its trailer) is less than 2.50 meters. Otherwise or if people are transported in a trailer, it is mandatory to be at least 18 years old (3).

What license to drive a weighing tractor? C permit: This is called a “heavy goods vehicle permit”. It is necessary to drive any vehicle to transport goods or equipment on the road, the Ptac weighs more than 3.5 tons. It suffices to combine the trailer if its Ptac is less than or equal to 750 kg.

Which license to drive a tractor and a trailer? From now on, it is compulsory to have a classic B license to drive any agricultural or forestry machine, as well as to obtain a total empty weight limit (PNBV) but a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

Can I drive a tractor on the road? Currently, anyone holding a B license (*) can drive all agricultural or forestry vehicles and equipment not exceeding 40 kilometers per hour, as well as any vehicle that can comply with it.

What fuel for an agricultural tractor for an individual?

Agricultural tractors require the use of a specific fuel to operate: GNR, abbreviation of “road-free diesel”. It pollutes less than domestic fuels. It takes care of the tractor engines and makes sure that you do your farm work perfectly.

What license does an individual have to drive an agricultural tractor? Article 221-2 of the Highway Code allows persons holding a category B driving license to drive all vehicles and agricultural or forestry machinery not exceeding 40 kilometers per hour in speed, as well as vehicles which could be assimilated to it.

Why is it forbidden to heat the oil? Although it is known that the carbon impact of buildings is 20% of greenhouse gases, the government has decided to tackle the problem. As a result, from 1 January 2022, it will be prohibited to install a new oil boiler in existing homes.

How does the tractor work?

The general engine can be thermal, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, it mechanically drives the agricultural machine. Electric tractors are more common than hydraulic or pneumatic tractors. Traction and PTO tools and implements (lift arm, three-point hitch, etc.)

Why do we use a tractor? Multi-purpose agricultural tractors have three main functions: they can transport agricultural machinery or tow trailers for transport. They also serve as a support for agricultural machinery, tools and accessories that can be found at the front or rear of the tractor.

What is the role of the gamen in the tractor? In the simplest tractors, there are two (slow and fast) that can offer as much distance as speed. To distinguish them, we then use the letters (A, B, C, D). In the cabin, the driver must therefore select the speed and range, generally with two separate levers.

How does the PTO work?

It is a mechanical part used to transmit the power of an engine on a mechanical tool to take power (or take power), thanks to the rotation of a splined shaft which fits together. It is characterized by rotational speed and torque.

How does empowerment work? To take or to take force, it is a mechanical part which allows at the moment to pass from an engine to a mechanical tool, and thus makes it possible to establish the movement of this tool. come. encase.

What license to drive a tipper tractor?

C license: The so-called “heavyweight” license is compulsory to drive any vehicle transporting goods or materials on the road, whose weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes of GVW. It suffices to combine the trailer if its Ptac is less than or equal to 750 kg.

What license to drive a tractor unit alone? Single tractor: It is only possible to drive the tractor (uncoupled) with a C license, a PNBV or a PNBV (Authorized Rotating Weight) of any tractor. CE license: The trailer allows the driving of a group of category C vehicles.

Who can drive a tractor without a licence? Since the vote of the Macron law at the beginning of August 2015, anyone holding a B license can drive a tractor and agricultural or forestry machinery that does not exceed a speed of 40 km/h. Until then, only agricultural workers went on the roads without permission.

What age to drive a combine harvester?

Driving an agricultural tractor before the age of 16 is punishable by a secondary fine of 35 euros. But the offender has big problems with his insurance. In case the driver drives the combine harvester, harvesting fodder, the driver must be over 18 years of age.

Who can drive a tractor on the road? In August 2015, the adoption of the Macron law changed the situation for “equal growth, activity and economic opportunity”: anyone holding a B license can drive a tractor and an agricultural machine. Or a forest with a speed of no more than 40 km h.

What license to drive Gator? The vehicle, limited to 50 km/h, is exempt from technical inspection. On the road, the driver can be over 16 years old and without a driving license if he is attached to a farm. Apart from this use, he is 18 years old and you must have a B license in your pocket.

What is the maximum speed of a tractor?

In France, regulations set a speed limit of 40 km/h for agricultural tractors.

Why don’t tractors go fast? Since January 1, 2017, the speed of tractors is no longer limited to 40 km/h so that they can travel on public roads. The rule removed this requirement, meaning the speed limiter that limited the speed of vehicles capable of driving faster was removed.

How to switch from machines to tractor? Begin by stepping lightly on the accelerator as you take your left foot off the brake. Keep the speed stable and relatively slow. Tractors, far from being made for speed, are designed to be robust and powerful. Do not propel a tractor engine.

Which tractor drives the fastest? It’s nothing more than a JCB tractor or less! It was the Briton Guy Martin who achieved this performance at the wheel of his JCB Fastrac (slightly modified): it was 246.2 km/h.

How to find tractor parts?

You wish restore or repair your tractor and you are looking for parts? There are a few steps to follow to find the spare part for your tractor. First, you need to know the make and model of your machine. It is important to be specific on these points. To do this, you just have to check the gray card or look on its cover if it is indicated there. It is also worth knowing the type of engine used in your tractor.

You can then search online, but first make sure you identify the part and its location in the machine. You need to know its reference, its dimensions, its shapes and its position on the tractor. You can also take a photo and send it to a shop that specializes in the field.

In any case, it is important to find a perfectly identical piece to the one you are about to replace to keep your tractor running smoothly. In case you cannot find one, the manufacturer may offer alternative parts that may replace the one you are looking for. In this case, consider asking a professional or even asking the manufacturer directly.