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Dossier : Comment faire un abris de jardin en bois

– The house must be located in an urban area covered by a local urban plan (PLU), otherwise the construction limit increases from 40 m² to 20 m²; – Due to the expansion, the total area must not exceed 150m².

What wood to build a cabin?

In the France Abris catalog, three species of wood are the most used for log cabins: pine, spruce and Douglas fir, all species of Pinaceae particularly suited to log cabins placed outdoors.

What wood for a cabin on stilts? What wood for an outdoor cabin?

  • The fir: The fir is an extremely knotty resinous tree, it is very cheap, but relatively weak in the long term. …
  • Pine: Wood very easy to work because it is very soft and takes on many properties of fir and its pleasant smell of resin.

What type of wood for the exterior? Pine, larch, Douglas fir, western red cedar, chestnut and oak are good compromises for untreated siding. Silver fir and spruce need protection to last.

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How to build a wooden shed?

How to build a wooden shed?

Cut them to the right dimensions, pre-drill to screw in the lag screws. Assemble and secure the braces so you can adjust them to your frame. After that, you need to install the four main support posts. Install the rafters on the studs.

What section of wood for a garden shed? The frame of a wooden shed is its structure which will support all the weight of the cladding and the roof, the section of the posts must therefore be sufficiently large. In general, it is advisable to start with 9*9 or even 12*12 (depending on the weight to be carried) for the corner posts.

What area for a garden shed without planning permission? It is not necessary to apply for a building permit if the garden shed has a footprint less than or equal to 5 meters. For constructions from 5 to 20 meters, the owner is exempted from this step if the height does not exceed 12 meters.

Which cladding for a garden shed?

Cedar is ideal for panels and some professionals even use it for finishing. Larch is more decorative, although it can also be used for landscaping. Other exotic species such as iroko, teak and others can be used for decoration, construction or furnishing.

What covering for a carport? For a light shelter such as a carport, we recommend our ultra-light casing with a thickness of 0.63 mm for vertical mounting: Nerba 10.10.1100B.

What is the best wood siding? Preferred wood species are spruce, Douglas fir and larch. Exotic woods like Doussie or Ipe are also perfect, but they are quite expensive.

What maintenance-free fairing? The best choice for maintenance-free cladding Requiring minimal maintenance, Rockpanel panels are made from compressed rock wool fibres, making them a strong yet lightweight natural product. The panels have a water-based coating.

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What is the maximum area without a building permit?

A new construction must be greater than 5 m2 and less than 20 m2 (footprint and floor area). If your project is located in an urban area of ​​a PLU in the case of an extension, it must be between 5 m2 and 40 m2 (floor area and floor area).

What type of construction is possible without a building permit? No house can be built without a building permit or prior declaration of work. Only garden sheds of less than 5 square meters and temporary structures less than 15 days old benefit from this freedom.

What garage space without a building permit? If the area of ​​your garage is more than 20 m², a building permit is required. If the area of ​​your garage is less than 20m², a prior work permit is required.

What materials to build a garden shed?

The most common materials are wood, PVC or metal. The first is appreciated for its incomparable aesthetics, allowing a perfect integration in the garden. It is easy to install, especially the models in kits where it is enough to assemble the different parts.

How to plan a garden shed?

Provide a wooden shelter. Start by preparing the ground: level it, smooth it and tamp it, then a layer of gravel can be spread for better stability. You can also make a concrete slab, which is safer and more stable, or cast concrete slabs in excavations.

How to create a floor plan for a garden shed? The floor plan should show: The location and size of existing buildings on the site. Location and size of planned buildings. The parts of land that will be dug for the execution of the planned constructions.

How to draw a cabin plan To make it easier for you, use a pencil and tracing paper or fairly thick paper. Then you need to show the side of the garden house in the plan. If this one has the same face on the other side, no need to redraw it. Just mention that the other side is similar.

Who can you contact to obtain wooden cladding for the construction of your garden shed?

With more and more French people turning to wooden garden sheds, they should not skimp on the quality of the cladding ! Indeed, it is very often what makes it possible to benefit from a quality of insulation which will meet all the climatic requirements of each one. To put the odds on your side, we can only recommend that you turn to a professional in the field: with the use of wood cladding for your construction, this one will indeed offer you cladding with an exceptional finish.

By working with quality wood, which remains very durable over time, the cladding offered is also a good thermal insulator for your future garden shed. So you can even enjoy it in the middle of winter, without getting too cold! Furthermore, beyond the protection of the walls, a professional wood siding can also offer you insulating panels for the roof of your garden shed: a godsend for the most demanding builders who only want the best for their garden shed!