Creating a green space on your balcony or terrace is now possible!

Créer un espace vert sur son balcon ou sa terrasse, c'est désormais possible !

It will seem laughable or bizarre to you, but there are, recently, companies which are created in town to allow the inhabitants to be able to create green spaces in their homes, from the moment they have an outdoor space. At the end of the first confinement, the models changed profoundly. Concretely, very quickly, people had a sudden desire to go towards nature and to move, if possible, to the outskirts or better, the countryside. Sometimes, however, this is not possible and it is also a very important element to allow all these people to still have a small green space in which to completely relax. In this article, we are going to tell you about a great solution to create a green space in your home, whatever the size of your balcony or terrace.

Terrace and garden: a Parisian company specializing in the architecture of green spaces

Terrace and garden: a Parisian company specializing in the architecture of green spaces

Here is the company that launched this crazy bet: greening the balconies and terraces of Paris to allow all citizens to see something other than concrete, especially in these times of health, economic and social crisis. With this precise model, people can enjoy the benefits of nature on the body and mind. Benefits demonstrated several times in meticulous scientific studies. The company terrace and garden of paris are really your best chance to enjoy a green space in your home and to create it in the best possible way. Because yes, you might think that it is not necessary, but, in reality, these professionals go much further and create, with your requests, the perfect place for your exterior. Essentially, no matter how much space you can allocate, these experts will always find a solution to allow you to have access to greenery and nature.

First, this company will meet with you to get to know your project as much as possible. She will ask you several things: the size of your balcony or terrace and also your desires, your expectations and your needs. The most important thing for them is to create a space that suits you and in which you will be comfortable, no matter the situation. For this, they will therefore create a 3D simulation of your space. Once done, you will have to validate the project and the work can begin. Before that, do not hesitate to inform your landlord of this work and ask for his agreement, because without it, this work could cost you very dearly and put your deposit in danger. Once your landlord’s approval has been given, the company’s professionals will get to work and in just a few days you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space without a hitch.

Finally, they will even give you advice on how to best maintain your outdoor space and tips on how to take care of your plants in pots or planters, for example. Anyway, you will be accompanied and you will therefore have created the space of your dreams.

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