6 practical tips for lighting up your garden

Les 6 Conseils pratiques pour eclairer son jardin

IP protection index: the choice according to the exposure If your solar lamp is fixed to a wall, an IP 44 index is perfect, while an IP 65 index will be essential for a solar point on a terrace, for example, an index that goes to an IP 67 for a solar lamp placed on the ground in the garden.

Which lighting for wooden terrace?

Which lighting for wooden terrace?
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Which wooden terrace lighting to use?

  • The LED spotlights embedded in the parquet floor of the terrace.
  • The LED stake points around the wooden platform.
  • Outdoor LED bollards to mark the outline of your wooden terrace.
  • Outdoor LED strips for modern lighting of wooden terraces.

How to light a wooden terrace? 1) Choose outdoor lights Outdoor lights are an ideal solution both to illuminate a wooden terrace and to create an atmosphere to work on your outdoor distribution. Thanks to the wide variety of products and shapes, everyone can find the lamp that best suits their needs.

What corner to put on a terrace? For lighting, it will be necessary to choose LED bulbs or more powerful LED spotlights. If your spotlights to illuminate walls or plants are located near passages (terrace, driveway), we strongly advise you to choose LED bulbs with narrower angles and to avoid very wide angles.

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Which application for terrace?

Which application for terrace?
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To transform your terrace into a design space, opt for elegant wall lights with elegant shapes in stainless steel or black metal. The right wall lamp according to the use of your terrace The shape of the wall lamp is decisive for the performance of the luminous flux.

What height applies to the outside? An outdoor wall light, like an indoor wall light, is placed in the middle of a wall and will illuminate its surroundings. An exterior wall lamp is generally installed at a height of between 1m50 and 2m50.

Which lighting to eat in the restaurant? Therefore, we recommend that you favor a number between 1000 and 1500 lumens. This is the minimum to be able to chat and dine, and if you want to read on the terrace in the evening.

What lighting for an outdoor terrace? To highlight the perimeter of a terrace, we embed light points or LED ribbons, for an ecological and design outdoor space, we place solar-powered beacons or round lamps to be placed on the ground, while to give a terrace a guinguette spirit we adopt luminous garlands.

How to light an aisle automatically at nightfall?

Light up your garden path with bollards for planting In addition, outdoor bollards are small, with an average of between 40 and 50 centimeters. In the solar version, the beacon recharges using daytime UV rays and lights up when night falls. Discreetly but effectively it will light the way.

How to make an outdoor lamp? All you need is a flat-bottomed metal basket. Paint it if necessary. Then it remains only to place small lamps, such as candles in jars, in the basket.

How to operate a solar lamp? The operating principle of solar lamps is very simple: solar energy is captured by its photovoltaic panels, then stored in the battery. This battery and these panels are integrated into its structure, which makes these lamps completely autonomous.

What solutions can we offer to Romain’s parents? I] What solutions can be proposed to Romain’s parents? II] Solar garden lights are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners and decorators. They make it possible to illuminate roads, among other things, in an ecological, economical and aesthetic way.

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Which bulb for the exterior?

LED bulbs with IP 23 to IP 67 standard are the most common for outdoor lighting. The first number represents the level of tightness to solids, the second to liquids. The proximity of a swimming pool imposes a high level of IP.

What color exterior lighting? The power must be sufficient to separate the luminous element from the rest of the decor. The color of outdoor lighting should be white, cold white with a slight bluish tint, natural white or warm white with a slight yellowish hue.

What garden light? To properly illuminate this corner of greenery, count about 150 lumens/m². Take the example of a 15 m² garden. Your lumen requirement is 150 x 15 = 1500 lm. To enjoy beautiful evenings, you will need a garden lighting power of 1500/100 = 15 watts.

How to install spotlights on a concrete terrace?

It is imperative to connect the dots with a red sleeve from TPC. Next, pull the wires from the electrical panel to the bulbs. Using the cutters, leave a good margin of 12 cm. Using a wire stripper, strip the lead wires from the bulb to connect them to the power cord.

How to install outdoor downlights? – Pull an EXVB waterproof rubber electrical cable from the box, place it in a TPC 10 sleeve, then stretch it to the desired location. Cut the cable with pliers. – Strip the wires of each LED street light then connect them to the cable. – Dig a well to install the outdoor projector.

How to connect spotlights on a terrace?

How to wire outdoor lighting?

To supply a single exterior light: – Connect a 1.5 mm2 (10 A) or 2.5 mm2 (16 A) cable to a wire taken from your general electrical panel. – Pass the cable through a rigid or flexible red sheath. – Connect the wires with dominoes.

How to transplant into a light? Parallel connection After removing the switch, strip the wires if necessary. The neutral of the switch is connected to the neutral of the luminous point. The ground wires must be connected to each other. The phase of the source at a terminal of the switch, the same for the phase of the lamp.

What cable to power the outdoor lighting? Case of a single lighting to be powered To power the outdoor lighting: Pull a cable from your general electrical panel. Choose the cable suited to your installation: 3 wires with a cross-section of 1.5 mm², with a 10 A circuit breaker for direct connection.

How to install an outdoor light? Implementation steps Fix the base of the luminaire to the wall passing the power cables. Connect the electrical wires from the fixture to the power wires. Store the dominoes and electrical cords in the wall lamp, then fix it on its wall base.

Where to buy outdoor lighting?

You now know the basics of what you need to know to light your garden effectively while avoiding stress and limiting costs. It now remains to answer one last very important question: who to turn to when buying outdoor lighting?

You have two choices here:

  1. You can of course go to a store. It can be a shop specializing in lighting or a DIY store. Above all, this solution allows you to directly see what you are buying, and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.
  2. The simplest solution to buy your outdoor lighting is still buying on the web. The competition is fierce on the internet and we are spoiled for choice… To avoid any unnecessary research, we invite you to order an outdoor lamppost on this site specialized: Boutique Design.

Wall lights, bollards, lampposts, lamps, ceiling lights, projectors, spotlights or even suspensions… We find absolutely all types of outdoor lighting and everything is perfectly sorted and organized to make our task easier. Fortunately, because the offer is simply bloated here… But the quality is still there. Boutica has made sure to provide the widest choice of lighting possible without ever skimping on quality.

To begin your research, start by discovering the offers of the Lux, Faro, Lutec, Norlys and Tri Lighting brands. These are quite simply the biggest brands of outdoor lighting in activity today. By turning to them, you will be almost certain not to be mistaken. To optimize your searches, do not hesitate to use the filter system proposed on the left of the screen. It is very well designed and allows you to quickly sort between this string of outdoor lights.